Friday, March 13, 2009

Proud to be a American

Every person should have patriotism within them. The one who doesn’t have patriotism to their country is actually a person without brain. Every person should be patriot to their country since the country and their governments help us to grow and improve in our both financial and mental powers. We can see how many people died in war saving one’s own country from the enemies. There have been many battles fought with bravery and courage of the freedom fighters who want their country to be saved from enemies and terrorism. I am a person with lot of patriotism. I never allow any person to talk bad about my country. I am very proud to be born and brought up in America. America is the one of the most powerful country all over the world. They are the leaders in all over the world. No powers can ever defeat or overcome the power of America. A true patriot will follow the country rules and live in an ethical and legal ways. I recently came across a site called which is an online American flag store. We should salute our American flag and we should be very proud to be live like an American in a peaceful way.