Monday, March 2, 2009


In today’s world, we live happily without any fear of war and destruction. We may know that there have been many massacre and great incidents that have shaken the whole world. There are many events that cannot be forgotten in many people’s life. Recently when I was surfing in the net, I came across a word called holodomor. At first, I thought of guessing the meaning of this word. But I was unable to find it out. I then searched in the net to find out what this word actually means. That time I found out a site called which provided me the right information about this word holodomor. I was very much surprised about the content mentioned in the site and I thought of spreading it to all readers. Holodomor is referred as a great hunger or mass hunger that caused millions of death around Soviet Union. Actually, the reason behind is that Communists of soviet union seized all the grains and exported to west countries for economic growth because of that many peasants died during those period. It was estimated that around 8 million peasants died. I was very much upset with the incident since it felt very bad to me. I can’t even imagine how people would have suffered in those periods. Do visit the site to know more about holodomor.