Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My cousin is expecting

My cousin who is living in Illinois got married two years back. She is very close to me and I like her very much. Recently she called me and said that she is pregnant and she is much feared about it. When I enquired about her, she said that she is happy to be pregnant but she is feared about the consequences she has to face during pregnancy like morning sickness. She is much worried of the pain and sufferings she has to undergo during child birth. I gave some advice and some information that was very useful to her. But I thought it would be better if I guide her right path and clear her doubts. So when I surfed in the net, I came across many sites which provided information about pregnancy tips and also about fertilization. But among them all, the site which impressed me much was This is the one of the best site which can help us in providing all necessary information and issues about pregnancy period. She gained confidence after visiting the site since she got cleared all her doubts about pregnancy and morning sickness. I am sure that this post will help many people who are wanted to get information about fertility and pregnant issues. Feel free to visit the site to know more about them.