Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Got broked

My cell phone got repaired when I slipped it from my hand. I got warranty for my cell phone so I thought of giving it to the service center and make it good. But it was astonishing to know that the board has lost its resistance and so it cannot be repaired. So I am planning to buy a new cell phone.

Parenting tips

This post is about a site called which I came across recently when I was surfing in the net. If you are a parent and need tips for better looking after your child, then this site can help you a lot. This site provides information about parenting tips and parenting advice. You can information and tips about pregnancy, baby tips and many more. You can also get information about kid’s recipes where you can find out what can be given to our children to make them healthier. Feel free to visit the site and contact them to know more about their service.

Bought new furnitures

Yesterday I have ordered new furniture’s for my bedroom. I was wondering from which dealer or company I should buy. But my cousin recommended me to buy from a store which is near to his house. I went over there and bought new bedroom furniture’s and accessories for my bedroom for very cheap price. Hope my parents like them

Bacon skateboards

This post is about a site called which I came across recently when I was surfing in the net looking forward to buy skateboard for my cousin brother. Bacon skateboards provide high quality skateboards at very low price. Not only skateboards but they also provide skateboards trucks, skateboards decks, skateboards wheels, skateboards accessories, skateboards clothing, skateboards pads and many more. They provide free shipping service for purchase over 150$. In this site, they have provided lot of articles and instructions about skateboards. I am pretty much sure that this post will help people who want to buy best skateboards. Do visit the site to know more about them.

What is life?

What is the real meaning of life? What is the purpose of life? Why we are born in this world? These are the questions which usually come to my mind when I am alone. I have a lot of creative ideas and talents within me but I can’t cope up all of them to get a real success.

Chula Vista plumber

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Mathew, my friend

Today at morning my friend Mathew called me and talked to me for a long time. He was a very good friend of mine and very cool guy. He is working as a software professional in one of the largest software solution center. He said that he is getting married this Sunday so we invited me for his marriage.

Sales management speaker

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Exciting India

It’s been long since I did blogging. I was out for a vacation tour with my friends all over Asia. I enjoyed living their and meeting many different cultured people. I was very excited to see taj mahal in India which is a fascinating monument for love. He took photos over there and enjoyed a lot. Hope we will visit it again

My cousin is expecting

My cousin who is living in Illinois got married two years back. She is very close to me and I like her very much. Recently she called me and said that she is pregnant and she is much feared about it. When I enquired about her, she said that she is happy to be pregnant but she is feared about the consequences she has to face during pregnancy like morning sickness. She is much worried of the pain and sufferings she has to undergo during child birth. I gave some advice and some information that was very useful to her. But I thought it would be better if I guide her right path and clear her doubts. So when I surfed in the net, I came across many sites which provided information about pregnancy tips and also about fertilization. But among them all, the site which impressed me much was This is the one of the best site which can help us in providing all necessary information and issues about pregnancy period. She gained confidence after visiting the site since she got cleared all her doubts about pregnancy and morning sickness. I am sure that this post will help many people who are wanted to get information about fertility and pregnant issues. Feel free to visit the site to know more about them.